I have two young children which means I have very little time to spend on facials and such. This used to mean that my skin often looked dull, even dry. In the dead of winter even alligators would have cringed at my scales.

Eventually though through the magic of google, trial and error I found a super easy skincare routine I could do pretty much entirely in the shower. It’s so simple you won’t even get distracted while a toddler wails at you from the other side of the door plus your skin will be ultra-soft.

The first thing I do is quickly apply a wash off pack to my face, right now I’m going between the Skinfood Black Sugar mask and Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask. If I don’t already have Living Proof Pre-Shampoo treatment I might put a bit of grapeseed or almond oil in my hair. These are super gentle so if you need to finish something up before you get in the shower you totally can.

Once in the shower the first thing I do is wash and condition my hair, this is very important because often the fragrance and moisturizers in haircare products can cause *BACNE* (ew). With my hair clean I wash my face and move on to one of my holy grail skincare items, a Korean washcloth. Using whatever body wash I have on hand I scrub my skin focusing most of my efforts on areas that tend to be drier.

Finally, I use an in-shower lotion. My personal favorite is from Nivea but the one from Jergens is also pretty good. Once out of the shower I put a toner on my face. I have combination/dry skin, so I prefer moisturizing toners. Time depending I’ll usually also apply a serum and night cream. If I’m showering in the morning I’ll just use toner and a lotion with SPF.

The difference this has made in my skin is amazing. My legs are always soft, my skin generally looks glowy and blemish free. Plus, if your lips are chapped it’s way easier to scrub them with a lip scrub or CLEAN washcloth in the shower. Keeping my skin moisturized has also softened the appearance of my stretch marks. They’re still there but way less noticeable.

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