Coming in hot on the heels of Christmas is New Year’s Eve. The holiday where you drink yourself into oblivion in the hopes of forgetting everything you were in the previous year once the clock strikes midnight.

‘Parent’s Night Out’ events are packed well in advance for this decidedly grown-up holiday. Moms everywhere are planning fun date nights or elaborate parties to ring in the New Year and I am having none of it.

For the past three months I have made fancy dinners, planned fun activities, parties, and bought thoughtful gifts. I’m not complaining. I love celebrating the holidays with family it’s just that by the time December 31st rolls around I’m pretty much partied out. Plus, this year it’s insanely cold where I live giving me even less desire to venture out.

Looking at the single digit forecast is when I realized what I really wanted to do this New Year’s Eve. Nothing. I don’t want to go anywhere. I don’t want cook, clean, or do dishes. Hell, I’m still finding random pieces of wrapping paper.

I want to order take out and read a bit. I want to watch something so wretchedly bad it’s amazing on Netflix and most of all I want to be in bed by midnight. Screw watching the ball drop. 2017 has dropped the ball more than enough thank you.

I wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year and whether you’re vegging out at home or living it up at a club I hope you have a wonderful time with people you love.


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