Throughout the United States class sizes have grown exponentially while wages have for the most part remained stagnant. In many schools teachers are expected supply their classroom using their own money, use their own time to help students, and occasionally even step-in for kids with difficult home lives.

Teachers do a lot, and yet the average salary of a teacher in Louisiana is $51,381 (many do not make near that) while the average salary of a school superintendent in the US is $154,457.

That’s three times the salary of a teacher. The person tasked with getting through to kids and trying to keep as many as they can from slipping through the cracks. Superintendents are important, but let’s be real. At least where I live I’ve seen

that you can be superintendent of an impoverished, failing school and still net 6-figures.

Where Deyshia Hargrave lives teachers and other school faculty hasn’t seen a raise in 10 years. I’m fairly certain their living expenses have not remained stagnant during this time, while the superintendent is getting yet another raise on top of a pretty hefty salary.

Naturally, this led to Ms. Hargrave being a bit…flustered, so she confronted the Superintendent about it at what I feel is a great venue. A school board meeting.

Did this end with the school board realizing the error of their ways and opting to fairly compensate teachers? Naw. Instead, Ms. Hargrave was forced to leave the meeting and while in the hallway was pushed to the ground and handcuffed.

Call me insane but I thought this kind of treatment was generally reserved for violent offenders, not teachers making a stand.


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