The Law of Attraction is pretty popular in the blogosphere right now, and I understand the appeal. The belief that you can have whatever you want in this life as long as you want it badly enough. That old pull yourself up by your bootstraps mentality.

I agree with it even…to a degree. The fundamental flaw I have found in this philosophy is it completely and rather conveniently ignores the fact that much of life is beyond our control. Does a person who suffers from severe mental illness that hinders their professional success simply not want success badly enough?

I absolutely believe people can overcome extraordinary odds and I agree with taking ownership for your mistakes. I also believe however that sometimes poverty or a lack of success aren’t as cut and dry as The Law of Attraction makes them sound.

It is entirely possible for a person who grew up in an impoverished, abusive home to break the cycle. I did it. It is also possible however that someone who grew up in such an environment is suffering from severe depression or anxiety caused by trauma, it’s possible that they aren’t aware of the possibilities that exist out in the world and if they are aware they may have absolutely no idea how to even begin to explore those options.

The Law of Attraction in my opinion also excuses a certain lack of empathy or charitable behavior. Overcoming obstacles is possible, but if no one is willing to give you a hand up or toss you a rope you’re way more likely to fall off the cliff than climb it.

It is great if you have been able to achieve success in this life, but don’t assume others haven’t due to laziness or lack of trying. Luck often plays a much bigger role in our fate than we’d like to believe.

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