I used to be perpetually dressed up and then motherhood happened. Now I’m lucky if I can properly do my makeup let alone go to the salon for a few hours.

This has led to some massive boredom on my part. I’ve been wanting to change things up for awhile but I was never able to find a home hair color I liked. Either the ingredients were too harsh or the red and golden tones so common in box dye clashed with my complexion.

Then after perusing Pinterest, I discovered plum brown. I instantly fell in love with the purple tones and I really thought a dark plum brown would liven up my complexion. I read a lot of reviews, people said Feria dyes were harsh and Age Beautiful ran too dark.

Finally, I saw that ION had released their own version of 4VV available in both Demi and Permanent formulas. I opted for the demi because I’m a wuss and I figured since purple tones need to be touched up more often it would be less damaging in the long run.

For my shoulder length hair, I used one 2 oz. tube of color mixed with 2 oz. 10 volume developer and left it on for about 25 minutes. My starting level was around a 5 or 6 with neutral roots and some golden tones from very old highlights.

These are the final results. Overall, I’m happy and my hair is very shiny. I especially love how it looks in natural light.

*Everything mentioned in this post was purchased by me.

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