Neither of my children have been stellar sleepers. Whether it’s teething, night terrors, or just wanting 345 glasses of water before finally settling down for the night bedtime has always been a battle in our house.

The bad news is I still have not figured out a way to turn my night owls into sound sleepers. I’m hoping and praying time will eventually do it for me. I mean whose heard of a college freshman demanding to ask their mom 20 questions before bed? (Seriously, it gets better…right?)

The good news, however, is that I’ve gotten really good at hiding how little sleep I actually get. While coffee and tea help, the biggest ally I have is water. Drinking enough water is essential to keep your skin from looking even more tired and dull and dehydration has been known to make dark circles worse.

The next step, especially if I have a party or other function to attend are cold sheet masks. Cold sheet masks and if possible, hydrogel eye masks can make a world of difference. The cooling effect helps brighten dark circles and reduce puffiness while the moisturizers will make it much less likely that your concealer and undereye corrector will crease. If you don’t have any of these on hand use cold spoons and a good moisturizer.

Next, I move on to makeup. I like to mix a bit of Becca Backlight Primer with Too Faced Hangover for a very glowy effect, but any primer of your choice will do. Once that’s finished I begin correcting my undereye area with a peach/orange toned concealer. I then apply foundation, concealer, and a bit of color correcting powder. To look even more away put a skin tone or opalescent liner on your water line.

Finally, take it easy. Remember you’re doing your best and try to have fun. People are way less likely to point out your panda eyes if they’re having a good time.


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